The Future of Retail Shelf Pricing

Digital shelf strips replace Labor-intensive traditional paper and plastic retail price tags

Electronic Shelf Strips Provide an Affordable and Efficient Replacement for the Visual Clutter and Labor-Intensity of Traditional Paper and Plastic Price Tags….Still Found in the Vast Majority of Today’s Retail Food, Drug and Mass Merchant Stores.  The Resulting ROI is Compelling and Immediate!


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Connecting dynamic, real time content to shoppers Allowing for Quicktime Purchase decisions while Promoting socially safe in-store ShoppinG experiences! 

With today’s social safety concerns, interactive, digital shelf pricing reduces the need for store associates to be in the aisles, changing price tags, but also enables the shoppers to find the items they are looking more efficiently and make their purchase decisions more quickly.  All things that promote shopper satisfaction and repeat trips.

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In-store Shopping Engagement Through a Patented Interactive Digital Pricing and Product Search Platform

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Shelf Alive!™

Digital Shelf Strips

  • Elongated ePaper or MicroLED Replaces Paper and Plastic Traditional Shelf Tags
  • Easy to Program…Making Price Changes and Promotions a Snap with Inherent Set Compliance 

Shelf Alive!™ FastFinder™

  • Connects Shopper Apps with the Digital Shelf Strips 
  • Locate Selected Items on Shopper App to Their Location on the Shelf 
  • Selected Items are Highlighted on Shelf for Quick Discovery

Shelf Alive!™ DigiLink™

  • Provides an Integrated Content Communication Platform for Both Retailers and Brands To Reach Shopper as They Make Their Purchase Decisions
  • Chain or Store Wide Targeted or Mass Messages Delivered at the Shelf! 


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