The Future of Retail Shelf Pricing


Introducing Shelf Alive!™

Delivering Digital Pricing and Communications Economically and Ergonomically at the Retail Shelf Edge 




Digital shelf strips replace labor-intensive traditional paper and plastic retail price tags


Electronic Shelf Strips Provide an Affordable and Efficient Replacement for the Visual Clutter and Labor-Intensity of Traditional Paper and Plastic Price Tags….Still Found in the Vast Majority of Today’s Retail Food, Drug and Mass Merchant Stores.



Connecting dynamic, real time content to shoppers enabling efficient and frequent purchase decisions

Physical Retail Stores are Facing Increasing Competition from New, More Efficient Formats and the Ease of Shopping On-line. Shelf Alive!™  Helps Shoppers Connect Faster to Items on the List and Make Faster Purchase Decisions!


Three Powerful Applications Enhance Retailers Ability to Price and Communicate and Connect with Shoppers at the Shelf’s Edge!!

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