…..Re-inventing Retail Shelf Pricing

Trius patent-protected IP is forwarding thinking and applies to three vital areas of at the shelf digital communication; 1). Affordable Displays, 2). Efficient Dissemination of Power and Content to the Shelf, and 3). Shopper (and Associate) Connectivity with a Mobile Application.

Our Patented Shelf Alive!™ Variable Digital Pricing Platform (USP# 9,852,468) Replaces Inefficient Paper and Plastic Pricing Shelf Tags.

As shoppers increasingly rely on mobile connectivity with retailers and brands as they shop, Shelf Alive!™ provides the efficient and effective means to communicate product related content and pricing to the shopper, while drawing their attention to the item on the shelf.

Using affordable ePaper technology, the Shelf Alive!™ shelf strips replace the need for labor intensive, traditional paper and plastic shelf tags. With Shelf Alive!™ the shopper can directly connect to the item on the shelf using their mobile device and the retailer now has a variable pricing and communications tool that connects directly to the shopper as they make their purchase decisions in the store.

Shelf Alive!™ —-Leveling the Playing Field Between On-line Retailing and the In-store Shopping Environment!

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