Shelf Alive!™ harnesses the power of ePaper and iBeacon technologies to provide a breakthrough for the in-store shopping experience.

The Shelf Alive!™ platform creates synergy between vital components of in-store communication by effectively reaching today’s savvy shopper.



With the Electronic Shelf Strips in place, the Shelf Alive! Command Center dashboard enables retailers to fluidly connect to pricing and product content at the shelf, enabling new price optimization and price management.  In addition, the Command Center is a fully functional content management system.  Its “open architecture” enables the retailer to continue their use of any existing targeting, price optimization, or customer database management, while leveraging the Command Center as their direct conduit to in-store media.
Idea (20)Shopper Engagement Screens are linked to the Electronic Shelf Strips bringing full motion video and shopper interactivity to the shelf. These 5″x 6″ ePaper touch-screen tablets enable shoppers to quickly search for items within the section, load special coupons, recipes, or other relevant content to their mobile application. These signs are strategically placed throughout the store, complimenting the Electronic Shelf Strips by activating individual items within a shelf section through a “blink”, which expedites the shopper’s ability to find the item(s) they are seeking.
Nestled within Shelf Alive!™ are iBeacon transmitters, designed to connect to the shopper’s mobile application, provided the shopper has opted in and has the Shelf Alive! application loaded on their smart devices. Shoppers will be connected to the platform within the store providing an opportunity for Indoor Positioning of offers and content to the shopper as they make their purchase decisions.