Shelf Alive!  — Digital Interactive Pricing and Messaging

Flexible Electronic Shelf Strips —

Affordably Replaces Paper and Plastic Shelf Tags 


•Shelf Strips fit directly into or affix to the existing shelf channel
•Saves price change labor and provides fewer touches from associates at the shelf
•Helps activate price optimization tools for margin enhancement

•Creates inherent shelf set integrity







Shelf Alive!™ Patented and Poised to Be ….THE At-the-Shelf Pricing and Communications Platform of the Future!

Patent Serial Number:  9,852,468


ELECTRONIC SHELF SYSTEM WITH MOBILE DEVICE INTERACTIVITY AND PRINTED PLASTIC DISPLAY.   Electronic Shelf System with Mobile Device Interactivity and Printed Plastic Display


For Shoppers

In the Day and Age of Social-Safety Conciousness, Shelf Alive! Fast Finder™ Becomes an Effective Shopping Agent…….First Locating, Then Highlighting the Item on the Shelf for Easy Discovery.


For Shoppers and retailers

Shelf Alive! Digital Shelf Strips™ Provide the Medium for Variable Pricing, Specific  and Relevant  Content.  

Specials, Targeted Digital Coupons, and Other Offers Can be Conveyed Through the Shelf Strip or a Companion Digital Sign.

For Shoppers, Retailers, and Brands

Price Changes are Totally Digital.  Can be Done in Batch Files with One Click or Individually for Day Part Specials and Other Deals.

Total Set Compliance is the Standard …as the Location of the Item is Set Digitally, Not Subject to Lost or Removed Tags.

Shelf Alive! DigiLink™, A New Chain-Wide, In-store Media Network Connects Retailers and Brands to Shoppers at the Shelf, At the Moment of Purchase Decisions.