Shelf Alive!™ Comprehensive Media Platform


Trius Retail’s patent-pending Shelf Alive!™ Electronic Shelf Strips represent a major breakthrough in at-the-shelf retail communication.  These shelf strips are adaptable to work  in tandem with companion digital signage positioned throughout the store to deliver pricing, promotion and information to the shopper as they make their purchase decisions at the shelf.
Unlike existing electronic shelf labels found in some retailers in the U.S. and globally, Electronic Shelf Strips use their efficiency to dramatically drive down the cost of installation and maintenance, producing a very quick ROI for the retailer and a true “” shopping experience.

The Shelf Alive!™ system is designed to become a comprehensive media platform for retailers and their brand suppliers to connect directly to the shopper at the moment of decision at the shelf.

Critical to the success of any retail technology is its ability to provide tangible evidence of its value to its stakeholders. The Shelf Alive!™ platform is designed to collect vital business intelligence, measure shopper interaction and most importantly provide the data needed to develop increasing loyalty between shopper, brand, and retailer.